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Newsletters of the Medical Librarians' Section (MLS) and the Health Libraries Section (HLS), Victoria (1983-1991)

Original copies

  • Original documents are stored in ALIA House, Canberra, in Archive Folder named VIC MLS_HLS Newsletters; also available on READ ALIA
  • 36 Newsletters from February 1983 - November 1991.
  • The previous newsletters are in the VIC MLG Newsletters folder for the years 1971-1978.
  • The next format is Health Inform, which commenced 1(1) March 1992 (Folder named VIC HLS Health Inform News; the final ALIA HLS Victorian Group newsletter is 10(2) June 2001).

Scanned copies

File name format is VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter Year Month.pdf

Victorian MLA & HLS Newsletters can be downloaded from the table below.

File Name Download File Issue Number Summary of Contents
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1983 February.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1983 February.pdf 1 Contents: voucher-only LAA membership category for libraries below $25,000 per annum; Queensland Branch of Medical Libraries Section has been formed; audio-visual update one day seminar held at Ballarat Base Hospital was a success; legal responsibility of librarians; legal liability for providing misleading information; duty of care in giving information or advice. Executive: Susan Liepa, Joan Martin, Anne McLean, Stacey McKeown, Brenda Lee, Kathleen Gray.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1983 May.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1983 May.pdf 2 Contents: Anne Harrison's retirement dinner report; proposal for free inter-library photocopy exchange; BIOSIS Previews seminar report; proposal for 38 hour work week by VAHPA Industrial Advisory Committee.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1983 July.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1983 July.pdf 3 Contents: SA MLS is compiling a union list of serials held in medical libraries in South Australia; proposal to change name to Health Libraries Section; report on the Victorian Drug Information Centre at the Royal Melbourne Hospital; proposed Directory of Online Search Services in Australia; draft statistics form for hospital libraries; peer review; patient education information.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1983 October.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1983 October.pdf 4 Contents: the role of sections and sectional groups of the LAA; report on the 5th Biennial Conference of Australian Medical Librarians, Perth; vote at the national AGM resolves our name to be the Medical Libraries Section of the LAA; draft standards for hospital libraries; report on visit to ACI to see personal computers, hardware, software, word processing; proposal for an Australian Library and Information Research Foundation; draft statement on patient education; Executive: Susan Liepa, Joan Martin, Aina Zalitis, Stacey McKeown, Brenda Lee, Kathleen Gray.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1984 February.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1984 February.pdf 5 Contents: successful breakfast AGM including talk by Carmen Hannaker on her role in the LAA General Council; CSIRO ceases Australian Science Index; proposal to form a Joint Australian Information Council; draft statement on volunteer workers in libraries; Executive: Susan Liepa, Joan Martin, Aina Zalitis, Stacey McKeown, Brenda Lee, Kathleen Gray, Sandra Russell, Anne Parkhowell, Enid Meldrum, Mary McGill.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1984 April.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1984 April.pdf 6 Contents: general meeting selects Conference Planning Committee and hears report of Sandra Russell's exchange visit to Seattle, Washington; Andrew Rooke and Anne Parkhowell join Continuing Education Group; ACPAD (Australian Centre for Publications Acquired for Development) will accept unwanted books and journals; GRATISSA commences in South Australia.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1984 June.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1984 June.pdf 7 Contents: computer applications in libraries, part 1; peer review; comments on the upcoming Copyright Amendment Act; more from Sandra Russell on libraries in the USA Jo Marshall convenes Conference Planning Committee.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1984 September.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1984 September.pdf 8 Contents: computer applications in libraries, part 2; books and journals required for Western Samoa.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1984 November.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1984 November.pdf 9 Contents: report on delivery of medical information to the public; report on peer review and quality assurance; Victoria will host national executive.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1985 March.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1985 March.pdf 10 Contents: statement on volunteer workers in libraries; guidelines on volunteer workers in libraries; librarians at bottom of stress scale; Executive: Joan Martin, Sandra Russell, Barbara Jacoby, Susan Liepa, Aina Zalitis, Andrew Rooke, Mary Arnold, Bronia Renison.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1985 June.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1985 June.pdf 11 Contents: report on budgeting in small libraries; Working Parties: Standards: Jocelyn Dixon, Mary McGill, Pat Nakouz; Continuing Education: Andrew Rooke, Betty McNeice; Publications: Susan Leipa, Veronica Delafosse; Melbourne School of Nursing; inaugural meeting of WHIG (Welfare and Health Interest Group).
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1985 October.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1985 October.pdf 12 Contents: report on warning: librarianship may damage your health; report on outstanding book orders.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1986 February.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1986 February.pdf 13 Contents: report on AGM; rationalization of journal subscriptions; Executive: Sandra Russell, Kathy Hutton, Andrew Rooke, Joan Martin, Veronica Delafosse, Barbara Jacoby, Max Smith, Jean Leith.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1986 May.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1986 May.pdf 14 Contents: report on natural therapy talk; transfer of nurse education from hospitals to colleges: problems of library resources; draft hospital standards; exclusive agencies for journal subscriptions; audio-visual copyright; courses in medical librarianship; proposal for Victoria to join GRATIS and GRATISSA interlibrary schemes.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1986 August.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1986 August.pdf 15 Contents: report on serials with sanity; Anne Harrison Trust Fund approved; Victorian Minimum Standards for Hospital Libraries ratified by LAA General Council; report on Welfare and Health Information Group (WHIG); GRATIS interlibrary scheme not to proceed in Victoria; 2 reports from Darwin Biennial Conference; hospital library statistics; Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association; automation of Health Department Victoria libraries; Workcare.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1986 November.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1986 November.pdf 16 Contents: report on developments in the National Library of Australia Life Sciences Section; Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association; Anne Harrison's name added to the LAA's 50th Anniversary guest list for 1988; hospital library statistics; quality review; PEARL (Periodicals Available in Regional Libraries) microfiche; medical librarianship journals and Victorian holdings; NETSDI on medical librarianship.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1987 February.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1987 February.pdf 17 Contents: report on AGM; Executive: Veronica Delafosse, Enid Meldrum, Andrew Rooke, Sandra Russell, Jean Leith, Susan McNair; Recommended list of books, journals and reference material for small health science libraries available; duplicates list service discontinued by the National Libraray of Australia; hospital library statistics.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1987 May.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1987 May.pdf 18 Contents: report on launch of Recommended list of books, journals and reference material for small health science libraries; report on Victorian Drug Information Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital; report on CINAHL Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature); libraries with facsimile access (even though the fax machine is located outside the library); online ILL ordering via ELHILL; applications invited for the Anne Harrison Award; Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association; librarians and legal responsibility.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1987 August.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1987 August.pdf 19 Contents: report on farewell for Pat Nakouz and HEAPS (Health Education and Promotion System); hospital statistics; combined presentation to the Law Librarians' Group; quality assurance sub-committee; alternative ILL schemes eg Central Medical Libraries Organisation and Victorian GRATIS ILL scheme; proposed CMLO ILL scheme; GRATIS/GRATISSA revisited; professional pay rates; union rationalisations; nursing education library facilities sub-committee; Australian Medical Libraries Group (ACT Branch) now called Australian Association for Health Literature and Information Sciences (AAHLIS); medical librarianship NETSDI output; Executive: Veronica Delafosse, Enid Meldrum, Andrew Rooke, Sandra Russell, Jocelyn Dixon, Sue McNair, Jean Leith.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1987 November.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1987 November.pdf 20 Contents: report on Fiona Mackay Picken, visiting from the UK; Medical Association for the Prevention of War (Australia); report on 7th Biennial Australian Medical Librarians Conference, Adelaide; VAHPA professional rates; Medline on CD-ROM demonstration.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1988 February.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1988 February.pdf 21 Contents: Executive: Veronica Delafosse, Andrew Rooke, Jocelyn Dixon, Bill Freeman, Anne McLean, Jan Riches, Jennifer Bergin; VICGRATIS is coming; subscriptions received by airmail or SAL (Surface Air Lifted).
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1988 May.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1988 May.pdf 22 Contents: collection development policies; report on talk by Carl Putt, Acting Chief Executive officer, Monash Medical Centre; resources for nursing education.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1988 August.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1988 August.pdf 23 Contents: report on cataloguing with AACR2 to second level of description; 30 libraries in VICGRATIS; resources for nursing education; library science journals indexed in CINAHL.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1988 November.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1988 November.pdf 24 Contents: report on seeking those illusive statistics; Medline on CD-ROM; report on negotiation skills workshop.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1989 March.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1989 March.pdf 25 Contents: Anne Harrison awarded Fellowship of the Library Association of Australia; VAHPA proposed grade definitions for hospital librarians.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1989 June.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1989 June.pdf 26 Contents: report on Australian Government Publications; report on Country Members Seminar; Anne Harrison F.A.L.I.A.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1989 September.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1989 September.pdf 27 Contents: report on collection development policy formulation; report on Anne Harrison Fellowship Award evening; list of libraries with facsimile numbers - most are located outside of the library.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1989 December.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1989 December.pdf 28 Contents: report of tour of Apollo-Moon Bookbinders; report of Country Librarians Seminar; report on Joint Conference of the Health Libraries Sections of ALIA and the NZLA; GRATISNET born to be national version; report on first National Library Promotion Forum; award restructuring; ACHS (Australian Council on Healthcare Standards) standards for library services.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1990 March.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1990 March.pdf 29 Contents: Executive: Ruth Lawrence, Judy Stoelwinder, Jennifer Treller, Scott Holmes, Anne McLean; ALIA statement on professional ethics; report on Country Librarians' Seminar; changes to Australian Council on Healthcare Standards Library Service chapter; conspectus in Australia; NICAN (National Information Network) demonstrations.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1990 May.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1990 May.pdf 30 Contents: inter-library loans charges; automated library resources system for hospitals; journals received by airmail.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1990 August.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1990 August.pdf 31 Contents: Letter of Recognition for Joan Martin; health libraries annual survey.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1990 November.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1990 November.pdf 32 Contents: chapter contents of the Handbook of Medical Library Practice; job mobility; preliminary summary of annual survey results; Australian Copyright Council.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1991 February.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1991 February.pdf 33 Contents: Executive: Joan Martin, Ruth Lawrence, Enid Meldrum, Roxanne McIvor, Ann McGalliard, Jenni Rusciano, Jo Marshall, Anne McLean, Vanessa Craven, Jan Hindson; report on DA Books; daily/weekly statistics tally sheet; future of Australian Medline Network; Australian Council of Allied Health Professions.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1991 May.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1991 May.pdf 34 Contents: report on demonstration of CD-ROM multi-media products; statistics; beginner's guide to microcomputers.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1991 August.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1991 August.pdf 35 Contents: report on quality assurance demystified workshop; report on occupational health and safety.
VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1991 November.pdf File:VIC MLS_HLS Newsletter 1991 November.pdf 36 Contents: report on Achieving Excellence: fourth Asian-Pacific Special and Law Librarians Conference with the Ninth Biennial Health Librarians Conference, management strategies for the one-person or minimal staff health services library; Australia-wide scheme for serials duplicates; quality assurance in health libraries; budget survey of Melbourne hospital libraries.

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