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PLEASE NOTE - HLA News has been replaced by the HLA journal JoHILA. This page will be updated in due course.

ALIA HLA produces two publications, the quarterly HLA News: National Bulletin of Health Libraries Australia, indexed selectively by CINAHL, RMIT Publishing (Informit), the Informed Librarian and the ILOSearch database; and the monthly ALIA members only HLA Alerts.

Newsletters have been published since the 1972 formulation of a professional body for health librarians. Titles have varied through time, depending on the name of the organising group. Since its inception in 2003, HLA have published the HLA News and in 2014 added HLA Alerts.


HLA News author guidelines HLA News Advertising Specifications

Purpose, function and goals

HLA News is the main communication and marketing tool for the HLA group. The goals of the National Bulletin are:

  • to improve communication within HLA’s membership and between HLA and the broader health and information industries,
  • to promote evidence-based practice, and
  • to advance knowledge to improve health.

HLA News functions as a national news alerting service, a historical record of developments in health librarianship, and a showcase for the achievements of health librarians and health libraries in Australia.

HLA News supports the HLA Executive’s work in the five portfolios areas of education/professional development; demonstrating value through awards, research, advocacy, and marketing; partnerships and collaborations; publishing and communication; and membership liaison.




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