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There are so many COVID-19 resources that it can be overwhelming. This page just has some core resources for busy clinicians, along with reasons they might be useful. Always consult your affiliated health service or government department first. Feedback & suggestions are welcome. Tip - right click on a link to open in a new tab.


Resource Why use?
DynaMed, UpToDate and BMJ Best Practice Clinically aligned overviews

Easily go to relevant area of interest (e.g. prognosis)

Update tab (DynaMed) or button (Best Practice) shows recent changes to guidance

Guidelines Extensive listing of guidelines by specialty and country
Oxford Rapid Reviews Reviews of various Covid topics, updated regularly
National Evidence Taskforce Australian Living guidelines and decision flowcharts


Resource Why use?
Covid-19 Primer Provides trending papers, terms, topics etc

Scroll down past the pink graph to view these

Daily briefing available

Faculty of 1000 Articles recommended (and why) can be viewed
ResearchGate Use Most Read and Most Recommended tabs

No login required


Resource Why use?
MedRxiv / BioRxiv / SSRN Provides trending papers, terms, topics etc

Scroll down past the pink graph to view these

Daily briefing available

NOTE - not peer reviewed

PrePrint Google Search Search multiple ahead of print resources at once with Google
OutbreakScience Reviews of preprint articles

NOTE - ORCID login required


Resource Why use?

Trials at a glance

Directory of sites providing trials information


View left panel for interventions with information

NOTE - experimental service


Resource Why use?
WHO Global Literature Covid specific collection with many useful limits (left hand panel)

Simple search syntax (e.g. ti:PCR AND ti:diagnos*)

Includes articles not found in PubMed


Filter to specific topics (e.g. Treatment) by using the menu at the topic of the page

RSS alerts possible

PubMed Live Searches

One click PubMed searches on 35+ topics

Create alerts for these topics

Use the base Covid-19 search as a starting point for your own searches


Resource Why use?
Coviz Visualization of relationships
Research Data    Extensive collection of data sources

Use left hand panel to navigate

Semantic Scholar Can create intelligent alert by voting on papers (More like this etc)
Technology Resources for COVID-19 Directory of software and online platforms
Lens As well as articles, it is strong on patents which can hold useful information not available elsewhere
Scite AI used to suggest whether a citing article is supportive or contradicting

Quickly view the text in the paper where the article was cited for context

NOTE - Chrome browser extension

Sinequa search Watch short video