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Minutes of Victorian Executive Committee of the Medical Librarians' Group (1971-2001)

Original copies

Original documents are stored in ALIA House, Canberra, in Archive Folder named VIC Minutes


23/11/1971 Following on from University Medical Librarians Meeting at the Library Association of Australia Conference in August 1971 - a National Steering Committee was constituted to form an Australian Medical Librarians Group and agreed to inaugurate State branches. Mrs Jacqueline Baillie (Biomedical Librarian, Monash University) and Miss Anne Harrison (Brownless Medical Librarian, University of Melbourne) were appointed co-convenors of the National Committee.

Scanned copies

File name format is VIC Min DDMMYYY. For example, VIC Min 17011996.pdf denotes the Minutes for the Victorian Executive Committee meeting held on 17th January 1996. Each page has the file name imprinted on the top right corner.

The first 27 Minutes were also Newsletters. Therefore they are filed in this section as well as the VIC MLG Newsletters section. For this section they are individually identified as VIC Min DDMMYYYY.pdf and the corresponding VIC MLG Newsletter Month Year.pdf names are listed in the 4th column below.

Minutes of the Victorian group may be downloaded from the table below.

File Name Download File Notes Corresponding Newsletter
VIC Min 23111971.pdf File:VIC Min 23111971.pdf 1st meeting called Report of Meeting, 23rd November, 1971 VIC MLG Newsletter November 1971.pdf
VIC Min 15021972.pdf File:VIC Min 15021972.pdf 2nd meeting VIC MLG Newsletter February 1972.pdf
VIC Min 16051972.pdf File:VIC Min 16051972.pdf 3rd meeting VIC MLG Newsletter May 1972.pdf
VIC Min 15081972.pdf File:VIC Min 15081972.pdf 4th meeting VIC MLG Newsletter August 1972.pdf
VIC Min 14111972.pdf File:VIC Min 14111972.pdf 5th meeting VIC MLG Newsletter December 1972.pdf
VIC Min 20031973.pdf File:VIC Min 20031973.pdf No indication on Minutes that it is a Newsletter VIC MLG Newsletter March 1973.pdf
VIC Min 15051973.pdf File:VIC Min 15051973.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter July 1973.pdf
VIC Min 14081973.pdf File:VIC Min 14081973.pdf 3rd meeting VIC MLG Newsletter August 1973.pdf
VIC Min 25091973.pdf File:VIC Min 25091973.pdf Discusses STISEC Report - not a Newsletter so filed in Minutes only
VIC Min 14111973.pdf File:VIC Min 14111973.pdf 4th meeting VIC MLG Newsletter November 1973.pdf
VIC Min 05031974.pdf File:VIC Min 05031974.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter March 1974.pdf
VIC Min 14051974.pdf File:VIC Min 14051974.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter May 1974.pdf
VIC Min 22081974.pdf File:VIC Min 22081974.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter August 1974.pdf
VIC Min 10121974.pdf File:VIC Min 10121974.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter December 1974.pdf
VIC Min 18021975.pdf File:VIC Min 18021975.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter February 1975.pdf
VIC Min 07051975.pdf File:VIC Min 07051975.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter May 1975.pdf
VIC Min 23071975.pdf File:VIC Min 23071975.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter July 1975.pdf
VIC Min 13111975.pdf File:VIC Min 13111975.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter December 1975.pdf
VIC Min 16021976.pdf File:VIC Min 16021976.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter February 1976.pdf
VIC Min 13051976.pdf File:VIC Min 13051976.pdf With 2 pages added regarding Kerry Christiansen leaving VIC MLG Newsletter June 1976.pdf
VIC Min 03081976.pdf File:VIC Min 03081976.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter August 1976.pdf
VIC Min 13111976.pdf File:VIC Min 13111976.pdf Date not written on Minutes - have chosen 13111976 VIC MLG Newsletter November 1976.pdf
VIC Min 09021977.pdf File:VIC Min 09021977.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter February 1977.pdf
VIC Min 05051977.pdf File:VIC Min 05051977.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter May 1977.pdf
VIC Min 08081977.pdf File:VIC Min 08081977.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter October 1977.pdf
VIC Min 15111977.pdf File:VIC Min 15111977.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter February 1978.pdf
VIC Min 09051978.pdf File:VIC Min 09051978.pdf VIC MLG Newsletter June 1978.pdf
VIC Min 09081978.pdf File:VIC Min 09081978.pdf Includes AGM Minutes VIC MLG Newsletter October 1978.pdf
VIC Min 13111978.pdf File:VIC Min 13111978.pdf These are no longer also Newsletters
VIC Min 13021979.pdf File:VIC Min 13021979.pdf
VIC Min 09051979.pdf File:VIC Min 09051979.pdf
VIC Min 09081979.pdf File:VIC Min 09081979.pdf
VIC Min 12111979.pdf File:VIC Min 12111979.pdf
VIC Min 25021980.pdf File:VIC Min 25021980.pdf
VIC Min 27051980.pdf File:VIC Min 27051980.pdf
VIC Min 11111980.pdf File:VIC Min 11111980.pdf Includes Annual Report; petition to form MLS of LAA accepted
VIC Min 28071981.pdf File:VIC Min 28071981.pdf 1st LAA Medical Librarians Section (Victorian Branch)
VIC Min 26101981.pdf File:VIC Min 26101981.pdf
VIC Min 23111981.pdf File:VIC Min 23111981.pdf
VIC Min 15021982.pdf File:VIC Min 15021982.pdf LAA Medical Librarians' Section Victorian Group (ie no brackets)
VIC Min Gen Mtg 25021982.pdf File:VIC Min Gen Mtg 25021982.pdf General Meeting including talk by Paul Hodgson on Medline changes
VIC Min 25031982.pdf File:VIC Min 25031982.pdf
VIC Min 03051982.pdf File:VIC Min 03051982.pdf
VIC Min Gen Mtg 17051982.pdf File:VIC Min Gen Mtg 17051982.pdf
VIC Min 19071982.pdf File:VIC Min 19071982.pdf
VIC Min Gen Mtg 03081982.pdf File:VIC Min Gen Mtg 03081982.pdf Is also Annual General Meeting (dual copy in AGM File)
VIC Min 08091982.pdf File:VIC Min 08091982.pdf
VIC Min 06101982.pdf File:VIC Min 06101982.pdf
VIC Min Gen Mtg 23101982.pdf File:VIC Min Gen Mtg 23101982.pdf Audiovisual Workshop at Ballarat
VIC Min 08111982.pdf File:VIC Min 08111982.pdf
VIC Min 08021983.pdf File:VIC Min 08021983.pdf
VIC Min 11041983.pdf File:VIC Min 11041983.pdf
VIC Min 11071983.pdf File:VIC Min 11071983.pdf
VIC Min 31081983.pdf File:VIC Min 31081983.pdf
VIC Min 13101983.pdf File:VIC Min 13101983.pdf
VIC Min 08111983.pdf File:VIC Min 08111983.pdf
VIC Min 24011984.pdf File:VIC Min 24011984.pdf
VIC Min 28021984.pdf File:VIC Min 28021984.pdf
VIC Min 01051984.pdf File:VIC Min 01051984.pdf
VIC Min 06061984.pdf File:VIC Min 06061984.pdf
VIC Min 12071984.pdf File:VIC Min 12071984.pdf
VIC Min 19091984.pdf File:VIC Min 19091984.pdf
VIC Min 03101984.pdf File:VIC Min 03101984.pdf
VIC Min 07111984.pdf File:VIC Min 07111984.pdf
VIC Min 25021985.pdf File:VIC Min 25021985.pdf
VIC Min 03041985.pdf File:VIC Min 03041985.pdf
VIC Min 30041985.pdf File:VIC Min 30041985.pdf
VIC Min 30051985.pdf File:VIC Min 30051985.pdf
VIC Min 11071985.pdf File:VIC Min 11071985.pdf
VIC Min 15081985.pdf File:VIC Min 15081985.pdf
VIC Min 19091985.pdf File:VIC Min 19091985.pdf
VIC Min 31101985.pdf File:VIC Min 31101985.pdf
VIC Min 30011986.pdf File:VIC Min 30011986.pdf LAA Medical Libraries Section Victorian Group
VIC Min 13031986.pdf File:VIC Min 13031986.pdf
VIC Min 15041986.pdf File:VIC Min 15041986.pdf
VIC Min 27051986.pdf File:VIC Min 27051986.pdf There was no June meeting
VIC Min 15071986.pdf File:VIC Min 15071986.pdf
VIC Min 16091986.pdf File:VIC Min 16091986.pdf
VIC Min 16101986.pdf File:VIC Min 16101986.pdf
VIC Min 13011987.pdf File:VIC Min 13011987.pdf
VIC Min 04021987.pdf File:VIC Min 04021987.pdf
VIC Min 25031987.pdf File:VIC Min 25031987.pdf
VIC Min 18051987.pdf File:VIC Min 18051987.pdf
VIC Min 15061987.pdf File:VIC Min 15061987.pdf
VIC Min 26081987.pdf File:VIC Min 26081987.pdf
VIC Min 21101987.pdf File:VIC Min 21101987.pdf
VIC Min 19011988.pdf File:VIC Min 19011988.pdf
VIC Min 16021988.pdf File:VIC Min 16021988.pdf
VIC Min 15031988.pdf File:VIC Min 15031988.pdf
VIC Min 20041988.pdf File:VIC Min 20041988.pdf Last of LAA Medical Libraries Section Victorian Group
VIC Min 17051988.pdf File:VIC Min 17051988.pdf First of LAA Health Libraries Section. Victorian Group.
VIC Min 21061988.pdf File:VIC Min 21061988.pdf
VIC Min 26071988.pdf File:VIC Min 26071988.pdf
VIC Min 16081988.pdf File:VIC Min 16081988.pdf
VIC Min 20091988.pdf File:VIC Min 20091988.pdf
VIC Min 18101988.pdf File:VIC Min 18101988.pdf
VIC Min 15111988.pdf File:VIC Min 15111988.pdf
VIC Min 21021989.pdf File:VIC Min 21021989.pdf ALIA Health Libraries Section Victorian Group
VIC Min 21031989.pdf File:VIC Min 21031989.pdf
VIC Min 18041989.pdf File:VIC Min 18041989.pdf
VIC Min 16051989.pdf File:VIC Min 16051989.pdf
VIC Min 13061989.pdf File:VIC Min 13061989.pdf
VIC Min 11071989.pdf File:VIC Min 11071989.pdf
VIC Min 15081989.pdf File:VIC Min 15081989.pdf
VIC Min 19091989.pdf File:VIC Min 19091989.pdf
VIC Min 17101989.pdf File:VIC Min 17101989.pdf
VIC Min 21111989.pdf File:VIC Min 21111989.pdf Annual General Meeting held 25th Nov 1989
VIC Min 23011990.pdf File:VIC Min 23011990.pdf
VIC Min 12021990.pdf File:VIC Min 12021990.pdf
VIC Min 20021990.pdf File:VIC Min 20021990.pdf
VIC Min 12031990.pdf File:VIC Min 12031990.pdf Filing cabinet to go to the Alfred Hospital's Library
VIC Min 20031990.pdf File:VIC Min 20031990.pdf Not missing any - April meeting not held
VIC Min 27051990.pdf File:VIC Min 27051990.pdf
VIC Min 19061990.pdf File:VIC Min 19061990.pdf
VIC Min 24071990.pdf File:VIC Min 24071990.pdf
VIC Min 24081990.pdf File:VIC Min 24081990.pdf
VIC Min 18091990.pdf File:VIC Min 18091990.pdf
VIC Min 16101990.pdf File:VIC Min 16101990.pdf
VIC Min 20111990.pdf File:VIC Min 20111990.pdf There were no meetings between 20/11/1990 and 9/4/1991
VIC Min 09041991.pdf File:VIC Min 09041991.pdf
VIC Min 14051991.pdf File:VIC Min 14051991.pdf
VIC Min 11061991.pdf File:VIC Min 11061991.pdf
VIC Min 09071991.pdf File:VIC Min 09071991.pdf
VIC Min 13081991.pdf File:VIC Min 13081991.pdf
VIC Min 18091991.pdf File:VIC Min 18091991.pdf
VIC Min 08101991.pdf File:VIC Min 08101991.pdf
VIC Min 11111991.pdf File:VIC Min 11111991.pdf
VIC Min 14011992.pdf File:VIC Min 14011992.pdf
VIC Min 11021992.pdf File:VIC Min 11021992.pdf
VIC Min 10031992.pdf File:VIC Min 10031992.pdf
VIC Min 14041992.pdf File:VIC Min 14041992.pdf
VIC Min 12051992.pdf File:VIC Min 12051992.pdf
VIC Min 09061992.pdf File:VIC Min 09061992.pdf
VIC Min 14071992.pdf File:VIC Min 14071992.pdf
VIC Min 11081992.pdf File:VIC Min 11081992.pdf
VIC Min 08091992.pdf File:VIC Min 08091992.pdf
VIC Min 10111992.pdf File:VIC Min 10111992.pdf
VIC Min 09021993.pdf File:VIC Min 09021993.pdf
VIC Min 09031993.pdf File:VIC Min 09031993.pdf
VIC Min 06041993.pdf File:VIC Min 06041993.pdf
VIC Min 11051993.pdf File:VIC Min 11051993.pdf
VIC Min 08061993.pdf File:VIC Min 08061993.pdf
VIC Min 13071993.pdf File:VIC Min 13071993.pdf
VIC Min 10081993.pdf File:VIC Min 10081993.pdf
VIC Min 14091993.pdf File:VIC Min 14091993.pdf
VIC Min 12101993.pdf File:VIC Min 12101993.pdf
VIC Min 09111993.pdf File:VIC Min 09111993.pdf
VIC Min 08021994.pdf File:VIC Min 08021994.pdf There were no meetings between 9/11/1993 and 8/2/1994
VIC Min 08031994.pdf File:VIC Min 08031994.pdf
VIC Min 12041994.pdf File:VIC Min 12041994.pdf
VIC Min 10051994.pdf File:VIC Min 10051994.pdf
VIC Min 14061994.pdf File:VIC Min 14061994.pdf
VIC Min 12071994.pdf File:VIC Min 12071994.pdf
VIC Min 09081994.pdf File:VIC Min 09081994.pdf
VIC Min 13091994.pdf File:VIC Min 13091994.pdf
VIC Min 11101994.pdf File:VIC Min 11101994.pdf
VIC Min 11111994.pdf File:VIC Min 11111994.pdf
VIC Min 17011995.pdf File:VIC Min 17011995.pdf
VIC Min 16021995.pdf File:VIC Min 16021995.pdf
VIC Min 16031995.pdf File:VIC Min 16031995.pdf
VIC Min 20041995.pdf File:VIC Min 20041995.pdf
VIC Min 18051995.pdf File:VIC Min 18051995.pdf
VIC Min 13061995.pdf File:VIC Min 13061995.pdf
VIC Min 20071995.pdf File:VIC Min 20071995.pdf
VIC Min 17081995.pdf File:VIC Min 17081995.pdf
VIC Min 21091995.pdf File:VIC Min 21091995.pdf
VIC Min 19101995.pdf File:VIC Min 19101995.pdf
VIC Min 16111995.pdf File:VIC Min 16111995.pdf
VIC Min 17011996.pdf File:VIC Min 17011996.pdf
VIC Min 22021996.pdf File:VIC Min 22021996.pdf
VIC Min 20031996.pdf File:VIC Min 22021996.pdf
VIC Min 17041996.pdf File:VIC Min 17041996.pdf
VIC Min 15051996.pdf File:VIC Min 15051996.pdf
VIC Min 19061996.pdf File:VIC Min 19061996.pdf
VIC Min 17071996.pdf File:VIC Min 17071996.pdf
VIC Min 21081996.pdf File:VIC Min 21081996.pdf
VIC Min 18091996.pdf File:VIC Min 18091996.pdf
VIC Min 16101996.pdf File:VIC Min 16101996.pdf
VIC Min 20111996.pdf File:VIC Min 20111996.pdf
VIC Min 15011997.pdf File:VIC Min 15011997.pdf
VIC Min 19021997.pdf File:VIC Min 19021997.pdf
VIC Min 19031997.pdf File:VIC Min 19031997.pdf
VIC Min 16041997.pdf File:VIC Min 16041997.pdf
VIC Min 21051997.pdf File:VIC Min 21051997.pdf
VIC Min 17061997.pdf File:VIC Min 17061997.pdf
VIC Min 16071997.pdf File:VIC Min 16071997.pdf
VIC Min 20081997.pdf File:VIC Min 20081997.pdf
VIC Min 10091997.pdf File:VIC Min 10091997.pdf
VIC Min 22101997.pdf File:VIC Min 22101997.pdf
VIC Min 20111997.pdf File:VIC Min 20111997.pdf
VIC Min 28011998.pdf File:VIC Min 28011998.pdf
VIC Min 18021998.pdf File:VIC Min 18021998.pdf
VIC Min 18031998.pdf File:VIC Min 18031998.pdf
VIC Min 15041998.pdf File:VIC Min 15041998.pdf
VIC Min 20051998.pdf File:VIC Min 20051998.pdf
VIC Min 17061998.pdf File:VIC Min 17061998.pdf
VIC Min 15071998.pdf File:VIC Min 15071998.pdf
VIC Min 19081998.pdf File:VIC Min 19081998.pdf
VIC Min 16091998.pdf File:VIC Min 16091998.pdf
VIC Min 14101998.pdf File:VIC Min 14101998.pdf
VIC Min 17111998.pdf File:VIC Min 17111998.pdf
VIC Min 16021999.pdf File:VIC Min 16021999.pdf
VIC Min 16031999.pdf File:VIC Min 16031999.pdf
VIC Min 13041999.pdf File:VIC Min 13041999.pdf
VIC Min 18051999.pdf File:VIC Min 18051999.pdf
VIC Min 22061999.pdf File:VIC Min 22061999.pdf
VIC Min 20071999.pdf File:VIC Min 20071999.pdf
VIC Min 17081999.pdf File:VIC Min 17081999.pdf
VIC Min 21091999.pdf File:VIC Min 21091999.pdf
VIC Min 19101999.pdf File:VIC Min 19101999.pdf
VIC Min 16111999.pdf File:VIC Min 16111999.pdf
VIC Min 25012000.pdf File:VIC Min 25012000.pdf
VIC Min 16022000.pdf File:VIC Min 16022000.pdf
VIC Min 15032000.pdf File:VIC Min 15032000.pdf
VIC Min 26042000.pdf File:VIC Min 26042000.pdf
VIC Min 24052000.pdf File:VIC Min 24052000.pdf
VIC Min 27062000.pdf File:VIC Min 27062000.pdf
VIC Min 25072000.pdf File:VIC Min 25072000.pdf
VIC Min 19092000.pdf File:VIC Min 19092000.pdf
VIC Min 17102000.pdf File:VIC Min 17102000.pdf
VIC Min 21112000.pdf File:VIC Min 21112000.pdf
VIC Min 07022001.pdf File:VIC Min 07022001.pdf
VIC Min 14032001.pdf File:VIC Min 14032001.pdf
VIC Min 24042001.pdf File:VIC Min 24042001.pdf
VIC Min 16052001.pdf File:VIC Min 16052001.pdf
VIC Min 14062001.pdf File:VIC Min 14062001.pdf Final HLS. Health Libraries Inc registered 18/07/2001; 1st meeting 18/08/2001

Minutes of other state meetings and national meetings

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