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Audiovisual materials (Victoria)

An interest in audiovisual materials for medical libraries developed in the 1970s - 1990s. Several workshops were held to keep our colleagues up-to-date. We not only needed to learn about the materials but also how to select and source them, relevant hardware, and how to determine the quality of the content.

Original documents stored in ALIA House, Canberra, in a folder named VIC Audiovisuals. Contents have not been converted to pdfs.

A description of the items is provided in the table below.

YearMonthDate Description
1970605 On the weekend of Sat 5th and Sun 6th June 1976 the Medical Librarians' Group (Victorian Branch) held an Audio-visual Workshop (Fee $10). The venue was the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners Family Medicine Programme, Jolimont (Melbourne). The 9 sessions took the form of panel discussions with group involvement to maximise participation by delegates, and to present alternative approaches to various processes and problems.
The Workshop was designed as an introduction to audiovisual materials as few health sciences librarians have had significant experience in this field. The decision to host this over the weekend was to help those who worked in smaller libraries.
Sessions covered:
- Introduction to AV materials and demonstration of hardware
- Organisation of hardware; classification/loans systems
- Accessions; catalogues; source materials; acquisition tools
- Storage units
- Cataloguing
- Physical processing
- Organisation within the library - separation versus integration
- Reference; loans; interlibrary loans; Copyright; union catalogues
- Users' viewpoint

An extensive bibliography included 54 items to assist with organising and selecting the material. These were published between 1965 and 1976 and were sourced from the UK, USA and Australia.

As a result of discussion at the Workshop it was decided to extend the Central Medical Library Organization's union catalogues to cover audiovisual materials.

It was also hoped that a follow-up Workshop might be held at a later date.
1982 Ballarat Base Hospital, 23rd October 1982 - Audio Visual Update - one day workshop
$10 LAA Members; $20 Non-LAA Members; $5 Students
- Acquisition of Audio Visual Media
- Cataloguing and organisation of AV
- General discussion and display
- Portapak production and practical experiences
1990 ALIA Health Libraries Section. General Meeting, 6pm for 6:30pm. 12th June 1990. Convent Building, Abbotsford Campus, La Trobe University. Session run by the Audiovisual librarian, Gaetano Raiti.
Almost 30 members attended making it one of the most successfully attended meetings.
The same topics that were relevant in 1976 applied: how to choose, criteria for selection, the role of AV in the education of health professionals; the role of the AV collection in backing up the more traditional library resources; locating suppliers; copying of materials; Copyright Act; American versus Australian content; subject areas on which it is difficult to obtain material; the general quality of AV material being produced.

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