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Digitised presentations

The table below includes programs of past professional development days, with links to presentations.

Programs and links

Year Title Download file Description
2012 HLA PD Day 2012 Link to PD day program and presentations HLA PD Day 2012 held 10 July 2012.

Speakers included:

  • Dr Edoardo Aromataris
  • Sarah Hayman
  • Ruth Mitchell
  • Catherine King
  • Debbie Booth
  • Julie Williams
2013 HLA PD Day 2013: 'The value proposition'.

Includes links to presentations.

File:HLA PD DAY 2013 with links.pdf HLA PD Day 2013
2014 Joint Collaboration Conference program File:Joint Collab 2014 HLA Conference program.pdf Joint Collaboration Conference 2014. 11th Health Libraries Inc Conference combined with Health Libraries Australia (ALIA) Pd Day. Theme: Collaboration. Held 19 September 2014.
2015 Creating the health librarian professional workforce for the future presented by Ann Ritchie.

Notes from above presentation

File:ALIA AGLIN presentation 2015 Ritchie.pdfFile:ALIA AGLIN Forum2015 notes Ritchie.pdf ALIA/AGLIN Forum ‘Change, challenges and opportunities: recasting your library skills’, 9th Sept 2015
  • Slides
  • Notes
2015 HLA PD Day program with links to presentations File:HLA PD Day 2015 - program .pdf Satellite event for the EBLIP8 Conference, Brisbane, July 9th.
  • Smart Searching
  • PubMed Train the Trainer
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Health Librarians
  • Research Data Management for Health Services Librarians.
2016 HLA PD Day 2016: Innovation for enhancing library value.

Includes links to presentations.

File:HLA PD Day 2016 Program.pdf HLA PD Day 2016 Program with presentations. Held 18 July 2016.
  • Session 1: Innovating using technology
  • Session 2: Enhancing value to our clients
  • Session 3: Enhancing value through collaboration
2017 HLA PD Day 2017: Reviews: Systematic reviews and more ...

Includes links to presentations.

File:HLA PD Day Program 2017.pdf HLA PD Day Program 2017. Held 14 July 2017.
  • Session 1: Keynote address
  • Session 2: Managing library support for systematic reviews
  • Session 3: Extending our roles and getting practical
2018 HLA PD Day 2018: Contemporary and future issues - what's new, exciting and/or controversial?

Includes links to presentations.

File:HLA PD Day 2018.pdf HLA PD Day 2018 program and links to presentations. Held 19 July 2018.
  • Keynote address: 'To be or not to be ... the prospects for an Australasia PMC' by Lisa Kruesi
  • Session 1: Effectiveness of literature searching services
  • Session 2: Literature searching tools, models and sources
  • Session 3: Gold sponsor presentations
  • Session 4: Locating and using topic search filters
  • Session 5: Adapting and re-skilling services and roles
2019 HLA PD Day 2019: All about data - what do health librarians need to know in the data driven world of ehealth?

Includes links to presentations.

File:HLA PD Day 2019 .pdf HLA PD Day 2019 program and links to presentations. Held 18/19 July 2019.

Hard copy presentations (in archives)


Original documents are stored in ALIA House, Canberra, in a folder named Professional Development

It includes information on workshops, courses, technology, telefacsimile, and the Internet. Not converted to pdfs.

Contents of PD folder

A summary of the content is described in the table below.

YearMonthDate Description of content
19730814 Talk (at Alfred Hospital) by Mr L Walshe, Manager, Central Gippsland Hospital, Traralgon (Victoria) - recommended by the Hospital and Charities Commission - invited by the Co-Convenors Medical Librarians Group, Victorian Branch (Enid Meldrum and Fay Baker) - letter dated 6th July 1973. Topic: the future role of medical libraries in regional areas, and the organisation and administration within the sectors.
19730816 From Thank-you letter - we were disappointed to know that the immediate demand for our specialized services does not apparently exist outside the metropolitan area, we have no doubt that time will alter this (Enid Meldrum and Fay Baker)
19731104 Anne Harrison spoke of the main points of the paper she presented "Special libraries in the 1980s" at the Perth Conference based on the 1972 Annual Report of the US National Library of Medicine; and on a meeting with Perth medical librarians.
19740129 Informal memo from Enid Meldrum to Marion Rock requesting a workshop demonstrating Marion's duplicating machine and audiovisual equipment when the group next meets at Marion's library. "The advantage of a relatively inexpensive form of duplicating would be such as [sic] make it rather desirable to spread the news quickly".
19761116 Talk by Mr C. Freeman, Principal Librarian, Life Sciences Section, Australian National Scientific and Technological Library, National Library of Australia - informative and stimulating; brought us up to date with many aspects of librarianship and library development in the United States as well as Australia; interested to hear of the expanding use of computers and other technical equipment which is becoming more essential when assisting in the scientific field today (J. Foreman, Secretary, MLG (Vic Branch)
19780809 Workshop on library management, Mayfield Centre, Malvern (Melbourne). $10.
Aspects of library management; your responsibility as a supervisor; communication with management, library staff, library users; staff interviewing, induction, discipline. Run by lecturers of the Mayfield Centre. Included films, discussion.
19781110 Letter from Lucille Landau, Clinical Librarian, Mt Sinai Hospital of Cleveland, Ohio, USA, to Melvin Weinstock, Director, Library School, University of New South Wales. Lucille is a clinical librarian who lectures to library students and does missionary work around the globe promoting Clinical Librarianship. She will be coming to Sydney and Melbourne in February 1980 and is offering to run seminars on clinical librarianship. She is most anxious to promote this very new and exciting discipline in Australia.
19781218 Letter from George Franki, Convenor, Medical Librarians Group, NSW Branch, to Karen Bickerton, School of Nursing Library, Alfred Hospital, inviting her to answer Lucille's letter on behalf otf the Victorian Group.
19790201 Letter from Lucille Landau to Jane Oliver, Secretary, Medical Librarians' Group, giving more details of her proposal to "further the cause of the Clinical Library discipline that I am so very much involved with". Lucille is delighted to give her first hand experiences of five years duration to those who might be interested in taking up the banner for Clinical Librarianship. She believes Dr Gertrude Lamb and herself have the most experience with this new disciplin and we have been missionaries in the field for this for several years. Her workshop will relate to her daily schedule and compare her method to Dr Lamb's. She sometimes uses slides and/or photographs. There are no costs involved.
19811204 Flyer inviting LAA MLS (Vic Group) members, potential members, their spouses, friends and colleagues to the Group's Inaugural Dinner. Special guests: 5 Chinese medical librarians visiting Australia on a study tour.
19820212 Joan Martin writes to LAA for this item to be published in inCite: "Nearly forty people met for dinner on 4th December to meet old friends and make new ones, and to celebrate the pending formation of the Victorian Group of the Medical Librarians' Section. Five visiting Chinese medical librarians on a WHO Study Tour were also entertained at the dinner which was, by all accounts, a resounding success".
19820503 Letter from Jan Lindner, LAA Vic Branch Secretary to Secretaries of all Sections stating that Branch Council has established an account with Rank Zerox for supply of labels. Type address list on guide for correct positioning and photocopy onto A4 sheets of labels, which are fed through the photocopier by hand.
19820507 Joan Martin, President, LAA MLS (Vic Group) invites Heather Brice, Pennsylvannia, USA, to talk to the group pn interlibrary lending and serials rationalization.
19820720 Joan Martin writes to Heather Brice to thank her for her interesting and inspiring talk - held 17th May.
19830804 LAA MLS (Vic. Group) held a meeting at ACI Computer Services, Clayton, on Personal Computers for Libraries.
19831019 Memo from Susan Acutt, Executive Director, LAA, to Secretaries of all Divisions announcing that LAA purchased a computer. She requests thoughts as to how this will best suit their needs. There is a 4 page document detailing the specifications. It fully integrates word processing, accounts and data processing. 256K memory and a 20 megabyte disk. $80,000 with 3 terminals. A major advantage is the facility to search and retrieve on a wide variety of fields which will allow a range of information to be accessed.
198402 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Department of Librarianship in conjunction with Technisearch Ltd offers seven workshops between February and December: Librarians and Micro Computing Workshops.
These aim to provide participants with a methodology for selecting micro computing hardware and software suitable for library and information centre applications; a state of the art review of available hardware and software suitable for information and retrieval applications; a framework for marketing and designing small data bases; and to generally improve the level of micro computing competencies within the library workforce.
The timetable is devised so that participants might also attend sessions run by the Victorian Association for Library Automation (VALA) on alternate weeks.
19840712 MLS Vic Group host "Computer applications in libraries part 2" at the Royal Childrens Hospital.
19870205 LAA Victorian Branch Council combine with VALA to host a session on optical disc technology in libraries. The speaker, Joe Price, is working at the Library of Congress in Washington on a project which involves storage of the high volume of materials held by the Library on what we often call "videodisc". Joe prefers to call it "optical disc". He will describe the use of this medium to make the Library's valuable and large collection both accessible and easy to use.
19870519 Correspondence relating to planning/funding for an overseas speaker to present and stay in multiple Australian cities: letters between state and national groups and to Fiona Picken, Regional Librarian, North West Thames Region, Westminster Medical School, London.
Between 3rd September and 2nd October Fiona visited Perth, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney. The detailed itinerary included all activities, dinners, travel arrangements, accommodation, contact people, and addresses and phone numbers.
Her topics include:
Quality services with diminishing resources
My life and times in medical librarianship
7th Biennial Australian Medical Librarians' Conference paper: the online interview
Travellers' travels or work experience of librarians overseas
Participation in strategic planning workshop
Education in health sciences librarianship
Management of libraries (to all fields of librarianship)
Staffing of special libraries
Medical librarianship in the eighties and beyond: my world perspective
Bringing information to management
The measurement of effectiveness of services
Management of libraries (to medical librarians)
19870527 Memo from Jenny Adams, Director, LAA, to all Divisions - LAA has purchased a fax machine.
19870617 Workshop on management/negotiating skills. To broaden knowledge of present day practices in the area of management and negotiating skills. Management related problems can be a major part of our working day. Negotiating skills are becoming increasingly important in the light of budget cuts and rising book/journal prices. Targetted at practice in the context of smaller groups rather than on a broad scale. Management skills upwards could also be covered ie how to manage one's administrators.
19890614 ALIA Special Libraries Section, Vic Group, hosts a one day workshop: Hitchhikers guide to evaluation - software packages for special libraries.
Contents: Basic concepts; procedures for evaluating systems; determining library requirements; developing checklists for evaluation; comparing system performance and capabilities; drafting recommendations.
It is important to be able to evaluate available computer systems in order to make informed decisions about what is best for your own library needs.
19910530 Demystifying quality assurance: a practical apporach. ALIA Health Libraries Section (Victorian Group) and FLIS Training Pty Ltd. Intended to give participants a working knowledge of the processes involved in quality assurance and the opportunity to develop, in groups, specific Quality Assuarnce programs suitable for implementation in a special/health library. ALIA Members $70; Others $90.
19910910 Committment, exellence & professionalism: management strategies for the one-person or minimal-staff health services library: a professional development seminar for Library and Information Services Professionals conducted by Guy St. Clair, OP Training, Washington, DC, USA - Held in Sydney, 10th September 1991. Included: library management, networking, time management, financial management, marketing and promotion, copyright
19911111 Running a small health care library - one day workshop designed to provide basic training in library procedures for unqualified personnel engaged in looking after a small hospital or health care facility library, with emphasis on the clerical nature of the work. Mayfield Education Centre, Malvern (Melbourne). $85 (public hospitals) $110 (private hospitals)
19930116 Letter from Stephen Due, Chief Librarian, Geelong Hospital, to Enid Meldrum, Chief Librarian, Alfred Hospital expressing concern about the apparent difficulties continuing to face hospital libraries in relation to computing. This letter has some very important points so I have included these verbatim:
"There seems to be a trend for hospitals to promote central control of computer functions, in such a way as to deprive libraries of vital resources, and possibly impinge on areas which are properly the library's sphere of influence"."These ideas must be fought, because they are based on fantasy, not fact, but they will, nevertheless, result in the running down of libraries unless opposed".
"I feel it is important that hospital librarians are clear in their own minds about the "political" issues involved in computerisation, so that they can stand up for their rights".
"There seems to be a view that libraries will all be "on computer" and therefore we will no longer need librarians, and it can all come under the computer manager".
"These ideas must be fought, because they are based on fantasy, not fact, but they will, nevertheless, result in the running down of libraries unless opposed".
"While a great deal of "information" can now be purchased on CD, this still only amounts to books, serials, and indexes in machine-readable form. As a medium, CDs, or magnetic storage for that matter, are in principle no different from microfiche, which is also just text stored ina way that requires a machine to access it. Librarians must insist that it is their function to manage "information" in this form: it is the librarian who is trained and experienced in the selection, storage and dissemination of books, serials and indexes in any form. The role of hospital computing staff should be limited to technical support only".
Stephen appended a draft Computing Policy for a Hospital Library that could be modified to suit individual requirements and included in Policy Manuals. It covers internal (eg cataloging) and external (eg online public access catalogues/literature searching systems; ownership; administrative control, institutional policy and finance.
19940707 The Internet Seminar - Joint ALIA Victorian Branch and Health Libraries Section (Vic).
Why is the Internet growing so fast? What is the potential? What information services are available? What commercial services are available? How to join and offer services.
Contents: Internet: the infrastructure of the future; information providers; applications; emerging standards eg Z39.50; security; getting connected; ILANET (national wide service of the State Library of NSW) connection services designed for libraries to enable full use of the Internet.
199707 Clinicians in NSW (212 public hospitals) are the first to be supplied with a suite of online reference databases by their state health department - Clinical Information Access Project (CIAP).
A spokesperson from the NSW Health Department's Clinical Systems Reference Group stated "online reference clinical information and electronic mail are tools which have the potential to assist clinicians in providing better quality care at a relatively low cost".
19980211 Enid Meldrum (on behalf of members of the Inner & Eastern Health Care Network - Health Libraries Consortium) wrote to Mr Neal Wyatt, Multimedia Victoria, to give endorsement for the VIC-ONE initiative which was proposed as a high speed broadband telecommunications link between all Victorian public hospitals. Enid stated that this would provide a platform for health related electronic databases eg Medline and other information resources eg full-text medical journals. This would enable considerable savings as well as provide reliable, high-speed access to medical, and especially clinical, information 24 hours a day. NSW has a similar project and SA is planning one. Victoria should not be left behind. Enid also attached the Health Service Guidelines from the National Health Service in the UK that state that Library and information services should be included in NHS information management and technologies strategies.
Enid wishes to ensure that hospital libraries are included within the plans for linking all Victorian public hospitals. Ensuring libraries are inter-connected as part of the VIC-ONE strategy would enable our services to ne offered in a more cost effective, efficient manner, with an equitable distribution across the state, rather that the concentration of resources and services in the major metropolitan hospitals as is the case at present. Assured access to clinical information may entice more clinicians to work in rural areas and ease the inequities faced by Victorians living outside the metropolitan area.
19980428 David Lloyd, President, ALIA HLS (Vic) also writes to Mr Neal Wyatt to express strong support for any hospital library applications which can be associated with the VIC-ONE infrastructure.
199810 National Training Seminar for the Cochrane Library, Adelaide, SA, Anne Harrison Award Application (dated April 1998) for training interstate librarians who will then disseminate these skills in their respective areas.
This submission was successful and with some extra funding courtesy of Greg Fowler, who was then working as a project officer with the SA Health Commission, the national two day seminar in collaboration with the Cochrane Centre was held in October 1998. The outcome is reported in the President's Report (AGM SA Pres 199811).
This was the very first seminar on evidence based practice ever organised for Australian health librarians and was effectively the genesis of evidence based practice as part of the professional practice of Australian health librarians. It was a significant achievement for the state group. (Email from Lindsay Harris to Veronica Delafosse 29th April 2016).
20060621 ALIA Health Libraries Section (Vic) hosts Internet Training for Health Librarians.
Contents: hands on training in individual Macs or PCs - installing Netscape software; modems; service providers; WWW; email; medical resources.
2006 Excerpt from Internet training flyer (from the company that ran the session on 21st June 2006 for health librarians). "Be warned. The Internet is addictive, once connected your time will become a valuable commodity! Just about everything that you could possibly want to know, and a whole lot more, is on the Internet. Having an email address means that you can send mail to, and receive mail from over 30 million people all around the world".

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