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People of HLA and its predecessors


Anne Harrison

Anne Harrison
Anne Harrison

Miss Anne Harrison (1923-1992) was librarian-in-charge of the Brownless Medical Library at the University of Melbourne (1949-1983), and founder of the Central Medical Library Organization (1953-1994). She helped pioneer the introduction of Medline into Australia, and was a founder of the Australian Medical Librarians Group in the early 1970s, and later of the LAA Medical Librarians Section (now ALIA Health Libraries Australia). An ALIA Fellowship was conferred on her at the State Library of Victoria on 21st June 1989 by Averill Edwards, ALIA President.

Anne was extremely humbled by all the attention focused on her albeit delighted to have many of her former colleagues present. Afterwards, seventeen librarians shared a delicious banquet with her. They gave her a picturesque anthology of Australian gardening and a signed card as a memento of the dinner. Anne sent her thanks to Janet Riches, Secretary, Medical Libraries Section.

The Anne Harrison Award was established to commemorate her work, and to encourage others to make their own contribution to the development of health librarianship.

Hard copy file (Archives)

Original documents are stored in ALIA House, Canberra, in a folder named People.

A summary of the files is in the table below.

File YearMonthDate Description
1955 Margaret McGregor started her library career at the opening of the Medical School in Queensland University in 1939 and transferred to the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in 1947 until her retirement in October 1975. She was a member of the Queensland Regional Committee of AACOBS and was responsible for the production of "List of periodicals dealing with medicine and allied sciences in the technical libraries of Brisbane", June 1955 and Supplement 1957. This was the main source of location of periodicals in Brisbane libraries for many years. [Miss M. Macgregor leaves full-time librarianship, Australian Special Libraries News, 9(2) 1976, p. 38]
Anne Harrison:
  • Extracts of publications written by Anne Harrison or about the Central Medical Library Organization
  • Correspondence regarding applications for fellowships for Anne Harrison; publications; full text of the successful application and citation; obituary
19750717 Fellowship Application from Marian Rock and Val Strantzen Co-Convenors, Medical Librarians' Group (Victorian Branch) to Ray Olding, Chairman, LAA Board of Examiners
19751219 LAA Board of Examiners unable to recommend the distinction to General Council
19800409 Elisabeth Gatehouse, Medical Librarian, Adelaide Children's Hospital, (SA), LAA Letter of Recognition
19821207 LAA Board of Examiners decided not to proceed with the nomination
19830531 LAA Board of Examiners decided not to proceed with the nomination
19870325 LAA Board of Examiners did not receive the support of two thirds of the members which is necessary for a recommendation to be made to General Council
19880921 Fellowship Application from Sandra Russell, LAA Health Libraries Section, Victorian Group to Sue Kosse, Executive Director, LAA
File:AH FALIA 1989.pdf

AH FALIA 1989.pdf

19890403 Nomination successful
File:AH Citation 1989.pdf

AH Citation 1989.pdf

19890619 Citation
19891006 Letter from Anne Harrison thanking HLS (Victoria) for their congratulations and the formal presentation and dinner and flyers advertising these events
File:AH Obituary 1992.pdf

AH Obituary 1992.pdf

19920213 Obituary written by Enid Meldrum
19751212 At the farewell dinner for Jacqueline Baillie, Biomedical Librarian, Monash University, Miss Anne Harrison congratulated her on her achievements and expressed the MLG's best wishes for her retirement. Medical librarians will miss her outstanding abilities as a leader and innovator. [Medical librarians honour Mrs Jac. Baillie, Australian Special Libraries News, 9(2) June 1976. p. 40]
19751214 Jacqueline Baillie, retirement thanks
19820720 Joan Martin
19900724 Joan Martin accepts invitation to HLA (Vic Group) Cocktail Party
19900801 Cocktail Party to celebrate the award of Letter of Recognition for Joan Martin
Bruce_Joan_LR_1990.jpg 19900801 Photo - Bruce Davidson presenting Letter of Recognition to Joan Martin
Bruce Joan LR 1990.jpg
Anne_Joan_Gift_LR_1990.jpg 19900801 Anne Joan Gift LR 1990.jpg
Photo - Anne McGalliard presenting HLS gift to Joan Martin
Joan_Jo_LR_1990.jpg 19900801 Joan JoM LR 1990.jpg
Photo - Joan Martin with Jo Marshall
Anne_Joan_LR_1990.jpg 19900801 Anne Joan LR 1990.jpg
Photo - Anne McGalliard with Joan Martin
19900810 Letter of appreciation and thanks from Joan Martin
19900817 Additional letter of thanks from Joan Martin
Joan_Veronica_2015.jpg 20150123 Joan Veronica 2015.jpg
Photo - Joan Martin with Veronica Delafosse (Melbourne 23rd January 2015) - Joan was visiting Melbourne. Veronica showed her the photos and letters associated with the Cocktail Party presentation of the Letter of Recognition. Joan was thrilled to see these again. Her memories of Anne Harrison are more personal than professional. She said Anne was described by Paul Hodgson (NLA) as the "doyenne of Australian medical librarianship". She was modest. She resisted pressure to conform. She was popular with the University of Melbourne Faculty of Medicine. Joan organised for the proceeds of the 1985 Specials/Health/Law Conference to be used to create the Anne Harrison Award Fund. LAA remarked that it was one of the nicest, most thorough, applications they had ever received. Joan was also delighted that the Highly Commended Anne Harrison Award (2014) had been won by Veronica Delafosse for this archiving project.
19941209 Enid Meldrum, Chief Librarian, Alfred Hospital, (VIC), ALIA Merit Award
Nerida Wilkinson 199811 Conferral of ALIA Branch Merit Award for her services towards GRATISSA and health librarianship overall. The Award was formally presented at the SA Branch AGM in November 1998 (Annual General Meeting, ALIA Health Libraries Section, South Australian Group, President's Report November 1998)
Veronica and Joanne 201605 Joanne Veronica 2016.jpg
Joanne Achison worked with ALIA to design the READ ALIA website in 2016. Veronica Delafosse added earlier Medical Libraries Section newsletters to this and included a summary of the contents and lnks to the full text.
Veronica Delafosse Award
Veronica Delafosse Award

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