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Association of Hospital and Health Service Librarians of Victoria (AHHSLV) documents

Original documents are stored in ALIA House, Canberra. in a folder named: AHHSLV

The documents have not been scanned. A summary of the content is in the table below.

Date (YearMonthDay)

Summary of contents

19670429 (Saturday) Meeting agreed to send out a survey to ask opinion on whether to form a group
19670529 9 librarians met at the Royal Children's Hospital to discuss forming a formal body to make representations to the Hospital Medical Anciliaries Services Board (MASB). They agreed to form the Association of Health Services Librarians.
The purpose is not only to look into better wages and conditions for librarians in hospitals but also to put forward standards and recommendations for qualifications for all health service libraries.
19670629-19800512 Minutes, submissions, financial statements, supporting documentation
19670629 1st meeting: Changed title from Association of Health Services Librarians of Victoria to Association of Hospital and Health Services Librarians of Victoria
1968 Salaries booklet including Proposed Award, Comparative Salaries and Classified Advertisements
1968 Booklet including:
Objectives of salary claim
Historical background and development of libraries internationally, in Australia, and professional associations
Development of medical libraries internationally and in Australia
The librarian: education, training, qualifications
The hospital librarian: objectives, duties
Comparison with librarians in other fields eg public, university, special
1972 Marjorie Pinder is President
19720229 Judith Quilter produces Newsletter and reports on the application to the Wages Board
19720516 Newsletter: Hearing set for 18th May 1972. Expecting to align the salaries of medical librarians with medical photographers.
19721114 Judith Quilter reports in the Newsletter that an excellent work value study had been obtained from the hospital scientists. This will form a very strong pattern on which to base the wage case for hospital librarians.
1982 Submission on behalf of Hospital and Health Service Librarians to the Hospital and Medical Ancillary Services Conciliation and Arbitration Board

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