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Annual General Meetings (National)

National meetings all occurred between 1983-2000 - original documents are stored in ALIA House, Canberra.

PDFs are available from the table below. They include:

  • Minutes
  • Presidents' reports
  • Treasurers' reports

Files are named according to the type of reports and date. For example: AGM National MinPresTr 16091987.pdf means the document comprises Minutes, President's Report and Treasurer's Report for the meeting held on 16th September 1987. Each page has the file name imprinted on the top right corner.

File name Download file Notes
AGM National MinPresTr 19091983.pdf File:AGM National MinPresTr 19091983.pdf
AGM National MinPres 28081984.pdf File:AGM National MinPres 28081984.pdf No separate Treasurer's Report but it was tabled at the Meeting
AGM National MinPres 28081985.pdf File:AGM National MinPres 28081985.pdf No separate Treasurer's Report but it was tabled at the Meeting
AGM National MinPresTr 02071986.pdf File:AGM National MinPresTr 02071986.pdf
AGM National MinPresTr 16091987.pdf File:AGM National MinPresTr 16091987.pdf
AGM National Notes 30081988.pdf File:AGM National Notes 30081988.pdf Summarised in LAA Health Libraries Section Newsletter (NSW) 1(2) Dec 1988, p. 1 as none of the Executive Committee were present at the Meeting
AGM National MinPresTr 16111989.pdf File:AGM National MinTr 16111989.pdf
AGM National PresTr 23081990.pdf File:AGM National PresTr 23081990.pdf
AGM National MinPresTr 04091991.pdf File:AGM National MinPresTr 04091991.pdf
AGM National MinTr 29091992.pdf File:AGM National MinTr 29091992.pdf Pres videotaped and played at the meeting
AGM National MinTr 25081993.pdf File:AGM National MinTr 25081993.pdf
AGM National Notes NZ 26091994.pdf File:AGM National Notes NZ 26091994.pdf
AGM National Min 28081995.pdf File:AGM National Min 28081995.pdf Published in Oct/Dec National Newsletter
AGM National MinTr 08081996.pdf File:AGM National MinTr 08081996.pdf
AGM National MinTr 15101997.pdf File:AGM National MinTr 15101997.pdf No Pres report noted but the Minutes are very detailed
AGM National MinTr 27101998.pdf File:AGM National MinTr 27101998.pdf
AGM National MinPresTr 24081999.pdf File:AGM National MinPresTr 24081999.pdf
AGM National Tr 24102000.pdf File:AGM National Tr 24102000.pdf No AGM; From 1st July 2000 ALIA National Office adopted centralised accounting due to the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax

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