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Minutes of the Tasmanian Branch

Original copies

Original documents are stored in ALIA House, Canberra, in a folder named TAS. Correspondence has not been converted to pdfs.

The table below provides a summary of the content of the hard copies.

Contents of Tasmanian Branch folder

YearMonthDate Description
19720225 Letter from Judith Wolfe, Biomedical Librarian, The University of Tasmania, to Anne Harrison, noting the impracticality of forming a local group due to low numbers - only 3 health librarians in Tasmania. Judith enclosed a cheque for $3.00 and requested to join the Victorian Group for notices of meetings and copies of minutes.
19720307 Anne passed Judith's letter and cheque to Enid Meldrum. Enid sent receipt to Judith and the reports of the first two meetings.
19740613 Marion Rock and Val Strantzen(MLG Vic Branch Co-Convenors) sent Judith Wolfe the first draft of the Basic Book List for Small Hospital Libraries, the Basic Journal List which was compiled in 1973, and the Austin Hospital's Core Library Reference Collection list.
19740626 Judith replied with thanks and acknowledged that these were useful resources for recommending a basic collection for the Launceston General Hospital - "a librarian's dream". She compiled and submitted 100 foolscap pages of bibliographically checked titles to the value of $20,000.
She also noted that there is a strong move from the clinical teachers at LGH to bring the library under the responsibility of the University Library because of the increasing use of the ever growing numbers of 5th and 6th year medical students.
19770329 Jacqueline Baillie held a social gathering for Medical Librarians after the LAA Conference in Hobart. AMLG Council Representatives met earlier at 10am to put together the various States' recommendations for the Constitiution and map out better arrangements for future national cooperation. Letter from Sandra Russell, Convenor, AMLG to Jean Foreman.
19780330 Judith Wolfe wrote to Sandra Russell with $12 donation from Jacqueline Baillie towards MLG Funds. She noted that Medline operation is slow - initial demand has fallen off - saturated our limited market.
19780630 Anne McLean wrote thanks to Jacqueline Baillie for the $12. Anne noted that the "current problem" was coping with the LAA Voucher system and that the next meeting will help resolve fears of using this scheme.
19780725 Judith wrote to Sandra - thanks for the flowers. Hope to be better and back on Medline by 3rd term.
19800310 Jane Oliver, Secretary, MLS, wrote to Anne Batt, Acting Librarian, Medical Library, University of Tasmania, regarding petitioning the LAA to form a Medical Librarians' Section within the Association. Note from Lesley Cooper, Librarian, Launceston General Hospital that medical librarians are scarce in Tasmania and 2 out of 4 are not LAA members.
19800227 Fay Baker wrote to Des Wolfe expressing sorrow at Judith's passing. $100 donation from the MLG (Vic) will be allocated to the Judith Wolfe Memorial Appeal.
19800715 Patricia Nakouz, Chairman, MLG (Vic) to Uni of Tas requesting small memorial from the MLG (Vic Branch)
19800825 The University Librarian replied to Patricia Nakouz thanking the group for their gesture to Judy's memory. A book or picture in the library would be appropriate.
19800825 The Biomedical Library will launch an appeal to improve the Seminar Room in the Library. The Appeal Brochure included the Address given by the Reverend at the funeral which was held on 30th January 1980.
19810316 MLG (Vic) donating $100 towards the Appeal with a request (voted by members in November 1980) for a specific item in the room.
19851210 LAA MLS Vic Group - Sandra Russell wrote to potential Tasmanian LAA MLS Members to invite them to join Victoria as corresponding members.

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